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Tradeable energy quotas launched in House of Commons

Last week saw the Parlimentary launch of Tradeable Energy Quotas (TEQs), the brilliantly simple carbon rationing approach developed by the late Dr. David Fleming with the support of ‘Transition Timeline’ author Shaun Chamberlin.

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The excellent new TEQ report was launched at an event featuring Caroline Lucas MP, John Hemming MP, Jeremy Leggett and Shaun.  Each gave a presentation, you can see Shaun’s very clear overview of what TEQ’s is and how it works below…


And Part two...

 The event generated some amazing media coverage, being picked up in most of the press, including a big piece in yesterday’s Sunday Times.  The coverage was mostly positive, apart from a piece on the Financial Times blog which although it questioned peak oil as a motivation, partially retracted some of its comments in the comments thread. 

TEQs is a brilliant idea, one of David Fleming’s great legacies.  It remains to be seen the level of serious interest it is able to generate among MPs, but in terms of a measured and intelligent national response to energy descent, it is the sharpest tool that we have in the toolbox.  Deepest congratulations to Shaun who put the most extraordinary amount of energy into the launch and into everything surrounding it.  Also, in case you haven’t seen it, have a look at one of the very last interviews David gave, in a tree, which captures him beautifully.

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Excellent idea and presentation. How do we get this moving?

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How do we get this moving?

Help make TEQs happen: