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Local Initiative
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Last updated: Thursday, 7 June 2012


Tempelhof 3
Kressberg 74594
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Tempelhof Transition Initiative

In December 2010, after three years of community building and inner preparations, a group of about 80 (mostly German) have purchased a small abandonned castle with surrounding buildings and farmland, altogether 31 hectares, in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

Tempelhof News

Fifteen skilled Tempelhofians began renovating rooms and buildings in October 2010 to prepare them for an additional 25 inhabitants who began moving to Tempelhof in April 2011. New plumbing, windows, insulation and floors were installed. It was unbelievable how much preparation was accomplished by the AG Bauhütte team, who did as much inner work as outer work. A second group plans to move here in Fall 2011. The renovated buildings are still not sustainable (e.g. they are heated with oil, use city water and sewer, and are hooked to the electric grid) so they will serve as temporary quarters until sustainable structures are erected. The Agriculture Workgroup (AG Landwirtschaft und Gartenbau) is planting our first crops for summer and fall 2011 harvest. One whole field is planted with sunflowers for the honey bees. Groups have formed to bring heating, electrical power, water, sewer, economy and human culture all into sustainability.

Tempelhof Legal Structure

  • Stiftung Tempelhof (Foundation)
  • Genossenschaft Tempelhof eG (Cooperative)
  • Tempelhof e.V. (Association)

 Tempelhof Culture

Tempelhof is a next-culture ecovillage. That is, it's culture is centered beyond matriarchy and patriarchy in archearchy. (For a bit more about archearchy see:  or )

Tempelhof stands on 6 basic shared values:

  1. Community
  2. Diversity
  3. All-Leader
  4. Relationship- and Communications-Culture
  5. Radical Responsibility
  6. Economic Transformation

The context created from these values is called "next culture". Impulse Talks and Study Groups several times a week continue to deepen and expand next-culture context at Tempelhof.


Tempelhof is already a complex and evolving culture that includes elements such as:

- The "We" Process. (

- Six-step consensus decision making. (

- Artabana health circles. (

- Personal development. ( and others.

If you can read German, please review the website for details about Vision & Werte, and Arbeitsgruppen (work groups). Otherwise please write or call at the numbers listed. You can also subscribe to an English / Deutsch newsletter by writing to

We look forward to meeting you.



Primary point of contact: 
Pascal Suter
Media point of contact: 
Roman Huber
Web point of contact: 
Volunteer point of contact: 
Pascal Suter
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