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Farmers' Market threat

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The food group of Transition West Kirby would like to organise a regular monthly farmers' market but are unable to do so because a statutory market in a neighbouring town has threatened legal action, and Common Law gives them absolute market rights within a radius of 6 and 2/3 miles.

Within 6 and 2/3 miles of the statutory market there exist countless thriving stores belonging to Tesco, ASDA, Morrisons, Sainburys' and the rest, some open 24 hours a day, and yet the market insists that a monthly farmers' market in our town 6 and 1/3 miles away will adversely affect their business.

This ancient law really does not seem to be fit for purpose, and our local MP, Esther McVey, has agreed to try to arrange a Westminster Hall debate about it.  This would be more effective if it has cross-party support from other areas of the UK, and I'm wondering if any other Transition Initiatives have run into similar problems and would be willing to collaborate with us about writing to their MP asking for support for a Westminster Hall debate.

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Yes Margaret, I'm just writing to you to help you keep the momentum. You will have to use a lot more persuasion a lot more offline techniques, and social networks to get this moving. I'm from Bangalore in India. And I'm offering you the moral support to keep it going. Thanks.

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Hi Margaret

how is this working out? It struck me as absurd and injust that the 'super' markets are not subject to this law.



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Did anything happen with this? How absurd!