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The effect of funding from the Climate Challenge Fund on Transition initiatives in Scotland

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I am currently completing my MSc thesis about the effect of funding from Scotland's Climate Challenge Fund on Transition initiatives in Scotland. I work for Transition Edinburgh University and became fascinated by this topic after our third bid to the Climate Challenge Fund was rejected in March 2011, following an intensive funding application process. It struck me that funding is a topic that there had been much discussion about in Scotland, partly due to the existence of the Climate Challenge Fund, which funds community-led carbon-cutting projects, making it a near-perfect source of funding for Transition groups across Scotland, and I wanted to do something to contribute to and enrich this discussion.

Within my work, I interviewed and examined Transition Edinburgh University, Transition Edinburgh South, and PEDAl - Portobello Transition Town, since I am based in Edinburgh. I am currently writing up my research and hope it will be useful to other Transition initiatives both across Scotland and also around the UK. I think it is important to consider the effect of short term and focused funding for projects within the context of Transition initiatives and groups that usually tend towards more holistic and long term visions and goals. There is also the question of balance between these project goals and the long term sustainability of the organisations funded to carry them out.

Please get in touch if your are interested in my research. I will be creating a website upon completion of my dissertation to encourage discussion around the issues raised. I will be disseminating the work around my networks, contacts and friends in the Transition movement in Scotland, but am also keen to outreach my work to England and Wales

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Hi Caro,

I'd be interested in hearing more about this - I'm interested in the discussion about resilient non-profits that I saw on the Transition Los Angeles website -

And we've been talking about some of these issues in our Transition Liverpool meetings..