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Ideas for a Transition event on waste / recycling etc

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HI all


I am looking for ideas for a Transition Event on waste / recyling etc..


It is a topic we have not covered before so i am looking for suggestions for films,  ideas for projects,  examples of new social / transition enterprises set up around waste...    

We have some ideas for projects / transition enterprises we would like to get set up in the long term around waste but need to kick start this topic in our group by having an event with that is both fun and thought provoking .....but i am stumped!  


So if you have put on an activity around this topic or have ideas for activities / speakers / short film please can you let me know?





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Hi Helen,

I've organised Clothes Swaps as a way of reducing waste and promoting the idea of reuse within my local community. They are aimed at women of all ages and could be a good idea for introducing the idea of TT to another group of people. Here is info about the swaps -

We haven't shown this film but I've seen it myself - Garbage Warrior, it's a documentary about an architect who builds his own house/village in the desert out of reusing materials like glass bottles and tires. It's also easy to watch, the main character is funny at times and it won't phase anyone who doesn't have an interest in building.

Another idea for a project could be 'Make do and mend' workshops where you can teach people how to repair/customise their own clothes. I've always wanted to organise some of these but I don't actually have those skills to be able to teach anyone else! If we do these I think we'll have to pay someone to do it.

I hope this helps you come up with a few ideas :-)