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Community Microsite for: Haddenham in Transition
Country: United Kingdom
Approximate number of members: 
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Welcome to the Community Microsite for Haddenham in Transition

Our vision for our community

We want to make locally produced food easy to buy and easy to sell in Haddenham.

We want to make Haddenham an attractive place to set up and run a business and to work.

We want to make walking, cycling and use of public transport convenient for people in the village.

We want to reduce the use of energy in the village and increase our production of 'green' energy.

We want to identify as a community that manages change for the benefit of our present and our future residents.

We have run a variety of events including apple pressing at the Thame Food Festival, thermal imaging surveys, a low carbon party, screenings of films such as the Age of Stupid and The End of the Line. We have also organised talks on subjects such as beekeeping, composting & the possibility of keeping an allotment spending only half an hour a day!

We have a number of project pages that can be found on our directory page at - we are hoping to be able to have direct links to them here when the software allows.