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Planting seeds of resilience

This spring, Transition US is looking for individuals to contribute and sustain their support as we plant seeds of resilience for the Transition movement.

Please join us in collectively planting our garden for this year. With a monthly donation to Transition US, you will become a Seed of Resilience Sustainer.

Reachable Moments: Transition-Interfaith & Eco-spirit Dialogue

First in a series entitled: UNLIKELY SUSPECTS - DEEP OUTREACH by Transition Trainer Pamela Boyce Simms of the Mid-Atlantic Transition Hub (MATH).

Hosting the Toughest Conversations of Our Time

*Join us for the Art of Participatory Leadership training in Saco, Maine, April 11-13*

Crowdfunding the Paradigm Shift

What may look like just another crowd-funding campaign is actually far more profound, a welcome sign of a cultural shift away from competition and scarcity toward mutual benefit and abundance.  

Collapse? Maybe not.

It's all a matter of perspective.

Economic Descent, hopefully with Skillful Means

This post is in response to one by Rob Hopkins, which was in response to one by

12 Reasons to Invest in Transition US

By Marissa Mommaerts, Transition US

12. If you help us meet our $10,000 challenge grant by year's end, your investment will be doubled!

Reflections on a Transition Tour

In October, Transi

Powerdown: Let's talk about it

We're caught in the squeeze right now.

Revolt and Change Our Lives

It's a sign of a really good essay when bits of it linger with you for days after you've read it and it keeps popping up in your mind.

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