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Support AJUDADA in Portalegre, Portugal, a most important event.

Do you think gift economies are important part of the future?  This will be a pioneering attempt to put one into practice in a small city in serious economic trouble.  Could you consider coming? Follow AJUDADA on Facebook and spread the word!

A budget for sustainability and community

I listened to George Osborne’s budget and Ed Milliband’s reply with dismay, not that I expected anything else, and thought to myself, “What might I or people with similar ideas have done?”  So, here are some ideas, uncosted, and maybe mistaken, for discussion.  Any comments? Similar posts?

My new EarthConnected website


I have just restored my defunct EarthConnected website as a WordPress blog.

An emotional Transition Conference and National Hubs meeting

I've been spending several exciting days immersed in Transition, before during and after the main Transition Conference 2012 at the Battersea Arts Centre in London.  Friday was dedicated to the 'REconomy Project', looking at economic resilience, then the main conference was on Saturday and Sunday.

Transition weekend with two ‘t’s and a “T”

I’ve had a lovely 3 days of 'transition'-like activities, although only one was an official 'Transition' one.
On Saturday I went to a conference in Cambridge on ‘Alternatives to Economic Growth’ that was organised by the Green Party but with lots of people from Transition Cambridge helping and present.

Transition East at Old Hall, November 2011

[See and join our egroup to keep in touch:]

First national hubs online meeting!

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