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Final report for Project Sharing Engine Project

The full report is in tables and stuff so please download it from the attachment to this blog post.

As outlined in our earlier project reports, we have successfully delivered the product, which we know is technically stable, usability-friendly, easy to install, on webservers that can support the potential traffic.

Un-foreseen, the webserver move we needed to undertake to serve the widget on multiple websites consumed the resources we had earmarked for the adoption/outreach phase of the project, so we now have a working product that we know is adopt-able, and are looking for ways to encourage its adoption...!

We learnt an enormous amount during this work and are delighted that the technology worked and look forward to its wider adoption. The technology also informed us on how to proceed with building distributed web services, which we are taking forward with our 'International Initiative Registration Service'.

Nominet Trust were great and we really appreciated their money and support and friendly reasonable nature - THANK YOU!

If we can help anyone interested in this work, or provide advice, please get in touch and read the report below for an introduction.


PSE_end_project_report_PUBLIC.docx42.94 KB
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