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International Youth Transition goes global

Small gathering, massive idea.

From Ruby Munson-Hirst

This morning has seen the birth of something fantastic and long awaited. Inspired by a presentation and clips of the film ‘spOILt’ made by a group of thirteen to fourteen year olds from mid Wales, we decided it was time to make Transition Youth Official!

transition youth groupBursting with passion and a serious sense of concern, the group (Poppy Woods, Yali Banton-Heath, Michael Edwards and Joe White) demonstrated complex and heartfelt understandings surrounding the extraction of oil that is devastating communities and natural habitats, particularly the Canadian Tar Sands effecting the Beaver Lake Cree, who the group are in contact with.

It was their knowledge and energy that made clear the urgency with which Transition needed to create a recognised space for these truly profound voices of the future. We can honestly say, that of all the workshops we attended, spOILt’s message was the loudest we heard.

(Micheal Edwards, Poppy Woods, Yali Banton-Heath, Joe White)

Four young people’s longing to inspire and create awareness has paid off – and their intention to ‘discuss’ how young people can be inspired to create an international Transition movement has been taken to the next level through this morning’s decision to make it happen.

So watch this space and listen out for the voices of the International Youth Transition to make their mark.
Ruby Munson-Hirst:
Rosalie Portman: