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The movie "Farm for the Future" now becomes a way of life

Rebecca and Tim

Farm for the Future is one of the most impactful movies I've seen about our ecological crises - it brought home the converging problems of peak oil and climate change and the almost unthinkable effects that they might have on food production in a very visceral way. 

The film makers, Rebecca Hosking & Tim Green, have now swapped their cameras and editing consoles for wellies and hoes as they embark on the challenge of permaculturing the family farm (or trying too!).

Their progress will be chronicled in Permaculture Magazine - essential reading.

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My journey towards and within transition involves me a) asking myself what I have done, unwittingly or otherwise, to contribute to the global crises of climate change, oil addiction and inequality; b) really acknowledging my “contributions” c) trying hard to understand the consequences and impacts within our complex ecological, social and economic systems d) working at both the personal level and also alongside my fellow citizens to come up with ways of making sure my/our contributions switch from exacerbating these situations to ameliorating them, and/or making sure they stop; e) trying as much as possible to work at root cause level.

Transition, with its creative, positive and “can-do, will-do” approach is, for me, the most appropriate mechanism for doing this work.